Bananas NYC

The Generalists
New York, New York

Bananas are a tasty, nutritious, and highly portable snack. It’s no surprise that New Yorkers eat more bananas than any other fresh fruit, about 112 million pounds annually. But bananas are not native to the United States, or even North America. The delicate tropical fruit is shipped thousands of miles in refrigerated vessels to the fruit stand, generating millions of pounds of greenhouse gases in the process. ((( NYC is a proposed architectural solution to this problem, an ultra-dense vertical farm capable of producing over 5,000 tons of bananas annually, or about 10% of New York City’s demand.

New York City fruit consumption (in tons)

2 Carbon footprint of 1 ton of bananas (in pounds) 

3 ((( NYC bananas: “local” doesn’t have to mean “native” 

((( NYC is divided into five farm towers for optimum efficiency. One tower is harvested every 2 months, ensuring a constant supply of fresh bananas. 

The exhibition space unites the base of each tower along with the rest of the public program (cafe, classrooms lecture halls). 

6 The farm utilizes an aeroponic system to reduce water consumption, and curtail disease within the crop. 

7 By utilizing robotic harvesting, ((( NYC is able to eschew floorplates and becomes a continuous, hyper-dense, highly productive vertical farm. 

8 The service level (below the ground floor) houses the nurseries, laboratories, ripening room, central control room, and composting facility.